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Scuba diving and seeing sharks on the reef in the Turks and Caicos Islands



Flying gunnards, Turks and Caicos Islands





Sea horse in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Whale shark spotted in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Harbour Club Villas guest divers


Hammerhead cruising by on a dive in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Turtles are always seen on the reefs of the Turks and Caicos Islands


Colourful Parrot fish




Shark in the clear waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Sting ray cruising the shallows in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Diving guests of Harbour Club Villas


Spotted Eagle Rays in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Trumpet fish in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Beautiful Queen Angel fish in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Coral reefs of Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands


Dolphin in the waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands


Reef Shark photo by Flamingo Divers


Pod of dolphins playing hide and seek with the boat


Dolphins off Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands



Humpback Whale sighting in the Turks and Caicos Islands


Scuba diving with a humpback whale at West Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Humpback Whale with

Mickey and Jayne








                           THANK YOU!

Many thanks to our guest Brian for all his terrific underwater photos and also our son Mike for his photos including all those fantastic turtle pictures.

Brian Gatt


Michael and Luba Zagachin, Peabody, MA

"About that shot of Luba and a shark, it was just pure luck. She was pointing at eagle ray (that I missed) and I was following the shark with the camera. I did not even notice Luba on the picture until review." Wow, what a stunning shot.

Connie and Karl, Calgary , Alberta , Canada

What a wonderful vacation spot! Having traveled to many different countries and having stayed in many Caribbean spots before, I have never felt as welcomed as here at Harbour Club Villas. After our long journey from Calgary , Alberta , Marta and Barry were fantastic at getting us set up with everything we would need.

Renting a 4x4 vehicle is a must. We explored every road on the island in our two weeks, looking for unexplored areas and local treasures (beaches) to snorkel.

Diving is amazing here! We dove for nine days with Flamingo Divers and Jayne and Mickey are amazing! They took care of everything for us and took us to a variety of different sites. We also tried a night dive with Matthew at Coral Gardens which was well worth it!

Marta and Barry's local expertise is amazing. You are missing some of the highlites of the island if you don't ask Marta for information and directions to beaches for snorkeling or just exploring. Some of our favourite places were Smith's Reef, South Bluff and a little known snorkeling spot Marta told us about.

Through snorkeling and diving we saw over 60 varieties of fish and a number of larger sights such as reef sharks, nurse sharks, barracudas, southern stingrays, eagle rays, manta rays and green turtles. The highlight for us was five flying gunnards that we saw with Mickey at a site called Coney Island off West Caicos .

We loved the villas We never even used the air conditioning (although it is a "must" on my hotel checklist) as the ceiling fans gave us a beautiful cool breeze. The kitchen had everything we wanted and the towels and linenswere simply wonderful! The fresh flowers everyday were a treat. We also borrowed the ocean kayaks and beach umbrella which were welcome additions. The location of the villas was perfect as they were so close to Flamingo Divers and a close drive to everything else. Thanks for the wonderful visit Barry and Marta and we'll see you again!


Brian and Michelle Pabich, Lakeville,MN

We enjoyed our seven nights here tremendously! The villas were wonderful. We felt very comfortable here and loved the accommodations. We are already talking about coming back again soon! We pretty much did scuba diving this whole trip. Marta was such a gem… she helped set up the dives and got us hooked up. We dove with Flamingo Divers. They were very professional and very personable and nice. We found them to be very helpful and informative. We dove with Mickey and Jayne all week, fabulous people! They made sure we had good dives. We went to French Cay….Rock 'n'Roll and Half Mile Reef. West Caicos….Boat Cove, Driveway, the Gully and Boat Cove again. And the Sandborne Channel….Razors Drop Off and Razor's Edge. We saw turtles, sting rays, eagle rays, flying gurnards, spotted moray, spotted drums, basket starfish, trunkfish, balloon fish, spiney lobster, tons and tons more fish and corals and sponges! The walls are spectacular. We drove around the island and mostly ate at the villas but tried Tiki Hut, Hemmingways and Magnolia's. All had great food and atmosphere. Marta and diving made us feel at home the minute we got here. They were excellent hosts. They had nice ideas and were very informative. Marta had all the special touches. Everyday we came back, we had subtle, beautiful touches like fresh new flowers in the conch shell and in the martini glass! Anyone who asks about "TCI" will be sent to Harbour Club from us! One of our most enjoyable dive trips. PS. Marta has some excellent fish and coral books to borrow. We had dolphins follow the boat one day and we saw whales!

Peggy and Percy Sherman, Milton, Ont. Canada

Thanks Marta and Barry for your wonderful Turks and Caicos Hospitality once again. We had another wonderful dive vacation made only perfect by staying in one of your villas.

The diving with Caicos Adventures with FiFi and staff was very adventurous. We saw eagle rays and sharks on every dive and I have videos and Percy has photos of all. The whale shark and hammerhead shark sightings were the icing on the cake. We also were awarded our Bronze 40 dive medals by FiFi on his boat on Saturday Jan 5 th . We dove 16 days and on our day off, we finally took your advice and went up to Malcolm Roads and the beach. It was a fun drive and the beach was beautiful.

Thank you for making dinner reservations for us at Hemmingways, Coyaba, Grace's Cottage and Magnolia. All were special in their own way but Magnolia's was a treat .. especially the night view of Turtle Cove.

The lovely Christmas tree - Turks and Caicos style plus gifts of island coffee and local rum was a lovely touch and much appreciated. We will be returning and won't wait a year this time. See you in a couple of months!

Scott and Zac Belair, Ridgewood, New Jersey

We loved our villa and our stay. The diving was terrific and the 2 minute walk to the Marina for 8:30 a.m. dives is the way to go!!! The villa worked out perfectly for a father - son vacation. As important was the warm, friendly hosts. diving and Marta made 15 year old Zac comfortable and at ease. Dad felt like we were old friends from the start whether telling stories, asking advice or "borrowing" your internet, we felt right at home. Just as we loved Caicos Adventures, particularly the people, We thanked FiFi for recommending Harbour Club Villas. During our dives , we saw sea turtles, various sharks, barracudas, eagle rays, sting rays, lobsters and more brightly coloured fish of blue, yellow, red etc. We also met many friendly divers on the boat trips. It seemed as though most were Canadian. We will remember our experiences here for our lifetimes. Thanks to diving and Marta for making it just so!

Martin and Tanya Douglas, Gainesville, Fl.

Thanks for the wonderful lodging and hospitality. This vacation couldn't have been any better for the very short 7 days we were here. Diving with Flamingo Divers was top notch. We really enjoyed the convenience of walking to the dive boat from our villa. Tanya and I hadn't been diving for about 6 months so it was a real pleasure having such a patient crew take care of us. Flamingo staff couldn't have been any nicer! Kayaking out of the channel to Cooper Jack beach worked out great for both of us because I was able to drift-fish out of the kayak while Tanya worked on her tan on the beach. Fishing could have been better but I realized a few days into vacation that fly fishing on Flamingo Lake is the way to go, unless bottom fishing on the offshore reefs. On our last day, we finally got up the nerve to go driving. Our day included conch farm tour, Bugaloo's (now called Da Conch Shack) for lunch and snorkeling at Coral Gardens where we were lucky enough to see 3 turtles which was a treat because we didn't see any while diving. My only regret was not going windsurfing. Oh well, maybe next time!

Mike and Anne Cosby

What a great decision it was to stay at Harbour Club Villas! We have so enjoyed meeting you two, relaxing at the villa, diving and exploring this beautiful island. We leave today with many fond memories of our vacation to the Turks. There is more to do, more to see… we will be back. We will share our wonderful adventure with the Denver dive shop, Underwater Phantasies and will give your regards to Jill and Brian. Denver, Colorado.

Irene and Dave McConkey, Vancouver, Canada

Thanks so very much for making our trip and Dave's birthday one we will never forget! You have done a fabulous job with the villas. Just the seclusion we were looking for. Our diving trips with Flamingo Divers were out of this world. Three months ago, I couldn't even swim. Who would have thought I'd be diving with a shark! If you ever make it to Vancouver Island, please look us up. We'd love to share our little bit of paradise with you.

Kyle and Yvone Wehmueller, Annapolis, MD

. Having been to and stayed in places advertised as paradise but in reality are just this side of hell, we've learned to trust our own eyes.As you can tell, you're not amongst the "famous and popular" resorts of Grace Bay. You are in a place of total relaxation, peace and tranquility. And, if you are like us, this is why you're here. You are surrounded by beautiful gardens, a pool complete with its own tiki hut, a private veranda and your own villa. Who could ask for more? This is a private, quiet place to unwind. A place to experience things not offered at home. But yet, there is more. You have, literally, at your beck and call, two of the kindest individuals to ever run a resort. Not pretentious nor stuffy, diving and Marta immediately made us feel welcome. Honestly, if you need them to bend over backward, they'd probably give it a try. From the fresh flowers on the table every day to the knowledge of the island, these two left a lasting impression. We didn't meet the "managers of the resort" we met two new friends. They invited us into their home and made us feel like family. A rarity in life. Well, enough about the resort-you'll soon see for yourselves. On to the diving. This is the reason we came. The Turks and Caicos consistently rank high on the list of world class dive destinations. We now know why. This was our first time here and hopefully won't be our last. On our hosts' recommendation, we went with Flamingo Divers. (to Marta: "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!") Have you ever been on dive boats with what seems like a hundred people? You are one of the crowd, just another dollar? Flamingo Divers might not have the newest,shiniest boats, but they offer so much more. Staff have enough knowledge of diving and the surrounding waters, they could make their own documentary. They offer a personalized service with safety at the top of the list. Their genuine care for the underwater environment is evident. The type of divers who maximize your experience while making certain you are truly cared for. When choosing a site, they consider all factors…..visibility, current, winds, skill level and most of all crowds or lack thereof rather. We were never pressured. We were able to go at our own pace and our numerous questions were always answered with patience. Plus, they did everything but breathe for us! Very accommodating. And the reef life was spectacular, the walls beautiful. We saw everything from flying gunnards to several reef sharks! Eagle rays, turtles, jacks, spades, grouper ….all in abundance. So many dives you "might-maybe-sort of" catch a glimpse of a larger animal. Here, they are common. All this in only 6 dives. Were we just lucky? Who knows? Four dives off West Caicos and two off French Cay and ALL were outstanding. And the fish seem less shy. Maybe just the imagination, but after floating perfectly still for several seconds, even the most timid of creatures, a turtle, decided to investigate" up close and personal Truly humbling. But, dear reader, if you've suffered through these ramblings, you know you won't need to take our word for it. By now, you've realized you've stumbled upon a bit of heaven. Enjoy! Our sincerest thanks to diving and Marta. Your generosity and kindness set the bar. We have never met resort managers as nice as you. All others will be judged by the standard you set. Exceptional! And to Flamingo……no money on earth could compensate you for the genuine care we (especially Yvonne, the pest) received. And the dive experience was, truly, once in a lifetime. Our memories of you and the diving will last forever! Thank you!

Jack and Jen Loder

Harbour Club was an excellent choice for our two stays - the first in May and the second two weeks ago. It was private and quiet, nice walks in the evenings, restful pool time and sunning. Landscaping was beautiful in many respects is how we want to remember Caicos (on land anyway-we'd prefer to be underwater.) diving and Marta were the perfect hosts. We dove the 1st three days and inspite of having to stay by West Caicos because of the weather, it was great diving. We'd hope to see lots of sharks, rays and turtles and we didn't see as many as we would have liked but there was much beauty anyway and lots of interesting creatures. The color of the water off the wall is unforgettable and really accentuates coral and sponges. Flamingo Divers were the best. We were spoiled shamelessly. In addition to looking after us they were very knowledgeable and even amusing. Don't be fooled though as one of us started exhibiting symptoms on the fourth day and they were all business and competence. The staff took great care of us on the way back and turned us over to the medical center where Dr. Menzies and John Garvin of O2 Technical Diving treated us for three sessions in the hyperbaric chamber. You always felt you were in the best of hands. Standard treatment is 5-6 hours followed by additional 2 hour treatments and subsequent days. Not fun but it evidently gets your attention. We had just purchased DAN insurance and if we hadn't had it, this would have cost $15,000-$30,000. So we advise everyone not to go diving without DAN. Unfortunately our diving was over at this point for this trip and we amused ourselves filling out logs, playing with pictures and visiting beaches and snorkeling at Coral Gardens. Turtles are great there even if the reef is a little worn. Caicos Café, Iguana restaurants were great. Scotia ATM is functioning well. IGA was a great surprise-we are vegetarians and we did very well. Bangkok Express to the left on Leeward is small and non-descript but food is great and you can do carry out. Our second trip in August was for advanced Nitrox training with John Garvin. Apparently our days of diving on air are over and we will ask to make special arrangements. Yet again, diving and Marta have proved themselves to be fabulous hosts. and we had looked forward to returning to enjoy the turquoise blue waters surrounding this island. We were again welcomed warmly and since the moment we arrived, our stay at Harbour Club was perfect. We loved spending evenings walking down by the water or relaxing by the pool and our villa is like a little, private oasis. Again our second trip was spent diving with Flamingo Divers right down the hill from the villas. Friendly, concerned staff and the luxury of diving from a small, uncrowded boat. We took the advanced Nitrox course with O2 Technical Divers which we would also highly recommend. We couldn't have asked for more (well except for a few more days to dive!) We saw multiple reef sharks, rays, eels and reef fish in every color of the rainbow on this second trip to Provo. French Cay is an amazing dive site if the weather permits - beautiful soft corals and sponges. We look forward to another relaxing visit.


Vernon and Tamara Mulanix, Pittsboro, NC,

What a wonderfully relaxing time we had here with Marta and diving. They were such great hosts you'd think you were staying with old Friends. They were both as pleasant and helpful. Vernon and I borrowed their kayaks the first full day and paddled out 1 ½ miles to one of the 5 Cays. It was great being the only ones out there along with the iguanas. The next day we went scuba diving with Flamingo Divers and were one of two couples on board. We dove the French Cay walls and it was some of the best diving ever. The water is so beautiful here! We went to Marta's "secret beach" which was so very pleasant with no one there but us.The weather was windy for the last part of our stay but we enjoyed all of it. Feeling somewhat ready for the "real world" again. We have been able to relax on this trip and we are so greatful for that. The island is not really developed for much activity beyond watersports, drinking and relaxing but that Is what we were looking for. We enjoyed our stay and just relaxed.


Jane Steblecki, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Words can not come close to adequately describe the amazing holiday my friend and I recently enjoyed at Harbour Club. As we planned our trip, Marta and Barry ensured all arrangements were well in place, including dinner reservations for New Year's Eve and a great car rental.
Upon arrival, we were met with the warmest welcome. Throughout the week, we felt so very cared for - Marta and Barry genuinely wanted to make sure we enjoyed a fabulous holiday. This we did.
The villas are spacious, clean and beautifully appointed, nestled amid the most gorgeous landscape. Within steps is the marina, and just a short swim away is a quiet white sand beach, with crystal clear waves reflecting amazing blues and greens.
Each day we had the pleasure of chatting with Marta and Barry and getting some tips on where to explore. Without such insider information, we would have never seen the breathtaking sites we did. When I clumsily soaked my beach towel in sandy water, a fresh new one was in my arms within seconds.
And to top off an already perfect holiday, we joined Marta and Barry one day on the boat. We cruised the picturesque waters and had the experience of a lifetime playing boat tag with 5 dolphins! They were literally within reach, just playing along the side of the boat, inviting us to truly surrender to the magic of the island. Wow.
On our last day, Marta and Barry took special care to check our flight status, and warmly invited us to stay at the property to wait out the flight delay. Being detained at the Harbour Club for a couple extra hours was an extra gift!
In essence, we enjoyed an exquisite escape to an island paradise with the comfort and care of home. Recommended to anyone; as two friends we had a blast - as a family or honeymooners I have full confidence you will enjoy an equally fulfilling and memorable holiday!
Thank you Marta and Barry!

Humpback Whale in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Stairway to Heaven at West Caicos

Well....this site earned its name today!

What a truly magical day underwater - we were only 2 minutes into our dive when a gleaming white pectoral fin caught our eye, and then, the silhouette of a HUMPBACK WHALE!!! We sat on the sand to watch it pass by...and imagine our delight when not only did it not pass us by quickly, but it also decided to spend the dive with us! We spent 60 minutes hovering and watching this gentle giant hang in front of us, and drift up every 15 minutes for a breath of air, and promptly swim back to us again. When our air consumption finally dictated our ascent, we swam to the anchor line and slowly began ascending, only to look behind and watch him follow us! With us hanging at 15 ft, and him at about 20 ft, we simply stared at each other for another 3 minutes until, bittersweetly so, we had to finish our dive. During our surface interval he stayed just forward of the boat and drfited a little away, but we were up for doing dive #2 in the same spot, as we hadn't had a chance to explore the reef there! About 10 minutes into the dive, he showed back up to our divers and hung out with them until again, alas, we were the ones having to wave goodbye to this marvelous mammal. (From the surface, Jayne had seen it turn around and head back to the divers bubbles). Truly truly amazing. What an absolute privilege, not only to have a moment underwater with this beautiful creature, but to have had some great, passive interaction with it. A day to remember.

By Mickey and Jayne of Flamingo Divers


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